HIT Scotland Emerging Talent Conference


CLIENT Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland
EVENT Emerging Talent Conference
LOCATION Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow
DATE February 2016

Building on the success of the 2015 event, we created an agenda for HIT’s 2016 Emerging Talent conference that would attract professionals and students alike, with the aim of engaging every sector of the hospitality industry in a celebration of their work.

Our well-established contact list allowed us to secure an impressive group of keynote speakers (many of whom waived their fees) as well as organise an exciting range of workshops on topical issues ranging from The Future of the Web to The Ten Commandments for Success to appeal to the wide cross-section of delegates.

Issuing detailed and comprehensive briefings to our speakers was key. We ensured they all knew exactly what each other would cover so that the presentations complemented rather than competed – good for the speakers, good for the delegates, good for the event. The lineup was eclectic with a hilarious speech from boxer Charlie Flynn, a fascinating talk from the royal chef, Mark Flanagan, and an inspiring presentation from James Rusk of The Butchershop.

Highly effective marketing meant the conference was sold out four weeks in advance and we had a large waiting list which we did our best to accommodate; we achieved a 98% attendance with a 100% ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ scoring for the event.

“My best Emerging Talent Conference yet – a fantastic reaction from everyone afterwards!”

Stephen Jardine
Journalist, Broadcaster and MC for the event







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