Susan Mathieson

Managing Director

Unflappable, unstoppable and in possession of the biggest little black book of contacts known to man or woman, Susan delivers experience, professionalism and creative panache in positive bucketloads. Highly respected within the industry, she has a gift for inspiring and motivating both team and suppliers to deliver their very best, coupled with an uncanny ability for super-accurate budgeting.

Uncompromising in her standards, calm in every situation and with a well-deserved reputation for meticulous attention to detail, Susan has quietly steered ECS from success to success since she founded the company in 1998.


Sara van der Vat

Event Director

With years of experience in organising and running events, Sara has developed something akin to a sixth sense when it comes to what will work best for our clients and their events. A highly creative thinker who loves a challenge, she’s also a self-confessed computer geek and the go-to person for social media, web design and all things technical. She marries her love of technology with quite outstanding people skills and is a great listener and communicator, ensuring team and client are 100% on board at all times and working to a common goal.


Kate Dobson

Event Manager

Kate is one of those people who simply gets things done, no matter how many ‘things’ there are (and it’s usually quite a few!). Coordinating the many different elements of an event, against outrageous deadlines and shifting priorities, are all in a day’s work and she approaches every project with passion, excitement and unfailing enthusiasm. A brilliant team player with an eagle eye for detail, she’s an absolute asset to any client event.


Lucy Silverston

Financial Controller

For every event, no matter how large or small, sound financial management is absolutely critical and we pride ourselves on working strictly within our clients’ budgets from concept to delivery, as well as ensuring maximum return on their investment. As you’d imagine, Lucy’s role is critical – she’s a stickler for detail and operates the most fabulously precise management systems that our clients love. And they love her too – with Lucy, it’s definitely not all about number crunching – she’s a brilliant people person and just a little bit of a party animal!


Robyn-Nikki Smith

Event Coordinator Intern

A 3rd year Event and Festival Management with Entrepreneurship student at Edinburgh Napier University, Robyn-Nikki brings bags of youth, enthusiasm and academic skill to her role with us. She loves nothing better than coming up with new and exciting ideas for our clients and their events, and demonstrates real creative flair combined with great communication skills, effective time management and the trademark ECS attention to detail. An inspiring member of our team!